Started using FiteBac on a friend’s recommendation that it helped with cuticles and strengthening nails. Danielle


I’m a flight attendant with a major airline in Atlanta, my crew and I all use it. Works great for softening hands. DeeFlight Attendant


I have been using FiteBac several times a day and have seen dramatic results in the condition of my skin. Ashley


Love the hand softening gel, notice a tremendous amount of difference after having used it for less than a month. Jack

Emily Condle

We use FiteBac before we inject our patients with Botox and fillers to lower risk of infection! Emily Condle

Carly C

I started using FiteBac when I was in chemotherapy. I love that it’s not as harsh on my hands as other sanitizers. FiteBac helped save my hands during 16 rounds of chemo over 4 months!!!! Carly C.