As an airline pilot, I come in contact with others from all parts of the world daily. The spreading of illnesses is obviously a concern. While normal hand sanitizers may kill germs, that is hopefully if I remember or am aware I was exposed. FiteBac PROTECTS me!! Not only do I put it on my hands but also rub the outside of my mouth to give me that added protection. I do share it with other crew members and they see an immediate solution for their younger children who have an increased chance of bringing something home from school.
The normal hand sanitizer has a tendency to dry my hands out but FiteBac actually keeps them from drying out and add a nice soft feel that does not interfere with my duties at work.
I only have very positive things to say about FiteBac and can not think of any criticism.
I even keep a tube in my car to ensure I am protected before I go shopping.
This is an excellent product!!

Airline Pilot