Antimicrobial SkinCare

For Every Situation
FDA compliant hand sanitizer for everyday use


What Makes FiteBac Different?

Cleans Hands Without Drying Out Your Skin

Preferred by Healthcare Workers

Stays on the Skins Surface, Moisturizing Even After Washing

A small amount delivers
powerful protection.

Costs pennies per application

A pea-sized portion of FiteBac® is all that is needed for both the front and back of hands.

FiteBac’s elegant, luxurious formulation spreads easily onto hands and into the skin’s cracks and crevices supporting the skin’s natural barrier.

I’ve been using FiteBac for the last six months and have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin condition. Absolutely LOVE this product.

Bob Michales

Added Protection To
Your Daily Routine

FiteBac’s unique formula forms a protective silicone-based coating over the skin,  softening hands.


FiteBac formula is alcohol free and water free.

The CDC states “frequent repeated use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and frequent handwashing is a primary cause of chronic irritant dermatitis.”