FDA Compliant

– Create a cleaner environment for customers and crew –
FiteBac Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

Why Airlines Are Using FiteBac

1. Add your airline logo
2. Small customizable tubes available for passengers
3. Supplements the skin’s natural barrier
4. Doesn’t dry out hands
5. Alcohol free

Commercial air travel poses challenges when it comes to containing the spread of infectious disease. In order to get from one place to another by plane, travelers must expose themselves to many germ-covered surfaces. Safe travels, from FiteBac®.

FiteBac is the Next Generation in Travel Hygiene

Destroying germs while helping to maintain healthy skin.

FiteBac® SkinCare offers a non-alcohol containing hand sanitizer for sale to all airlines. FiteBac® Hand Sanitizer, which contains the broad spectrum antimicrobial benzalkonium chloride (BZK), is fully compliant with FDA’s current tentative monographs pertaining to Hand Sanitizers.

With the concern of hand hygiene and international travel, FiteBac® has launched 9 gram brandable tubes for sale directly to airlines. FiteBac® also offers hands-free wall mount and free-standing dispensers for use in high traffic areas such as lavatories, lounges and waiting areas.

FiteBac® is alcohol-free. Clinical studies have demonstrated the durability of FiteBac’s formulation, even after repeated hand washings.

Additionally, FiteBac’s proprietary formulation moisturizes the skin for hours.